ReConEx 2021 Agenda

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Attire: Business and/or Business Casual

Time Activity
MONDAY, APRIL12, 2021 (Hybrid)
7:00am - 6:00pmRegistration
8:30am - 10:00amOpening General Session: A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback
10:15am - 10:45amBreak, Lounges, Round Tables, and Meet-ups
10:45am - 11:45amBreakout Session 1: Case Study: Positioning Sponsors as Thought Leaders
10:45am - 11:45amBreakout Session 2: Finding Wellness and Balance in a COVID World
10:45am - 11:45amBreakout Session 3: The Importance of Your Personal Brand
10:45am - 11:45amBreakout Session 4: Budgeting for Hybrid Events (Live Podcast)
10:45am - 11:45amBreakout Session 5: Multi-Site Hybrid Meetings: Planning and Technical Case Study
11:45am - 12:00pmMeet Ups
12:00pm - 1:30pmLunch General Session: F this S: Burnout and Coming Back to the Work You Love
1:30pm - 1:45pmMeet Ups
1:45pm - 2:45pmBreakout Session 6: It Takes a Team: How Planners Succeed Through Collaboration
1:45pm - 2:45pmBreakout Session 7: The Science of Gratitude
1:45pm - 2:45pmBreakout Session 8: Interview with a Hybrid Meeting Planner
1:45pm - 2:45pmBreakout Session 9: Differing Minds Produce Greater Results
1:45pm - 2:45pmBreakout Session 10: Contracting Strategies In & Beyond a COVID-19 World
2:45pm - 3:15pmBreak, Lounges, Round Tables, and Meet-ups
3:15pm - 4:15pmBreakout Session 11: Two Webcams and a Microphone: Essential Virtual Event Technology for Meeting Professionals
3:15pm - 4:15pmBreakout Session 12: How to Create an Engaging Virtual Event Experience on a Budget
3:15pm - 4:15pmBreakout Session 13: Choosing the Right Tech Partners for Your First Hybrid Meeting
3:15pm - 4:15pmBreakout Session 14: Transitioning to Hybrid
3:15pm - 4:15pmBreakout Session 15: 21 Planning Tips to Thrive in 2021
4:15pm - 4:30pmMeet Ups
4:30pm - 6:00pmAfternoon General Session: A New Mindset - One Stitch at a Time.
6:00pm - 7:00pmNetworking Reception
TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2021 (Digital Only)
8:30am - 9:45amGeneral Session with Keynote: The Lodging Industry: Current Trends and Outlook
10:00am - 1:00pmReConEx Digital Marketplace (pre registration required)
10:00am - 11:10amOne-on-One Appointments
11:10am - 11:25amBreak
11:25am - 1:00pmOne-on-One Appointments