Rachel Sheerin

Speaker | Trainer | Author

Rachel Sheerin is an award-winning keynote speaker and emcee. Named Speaker of the Year for 2019 by NACE, you may have seen Rachel featured in Inc Magazine for her keynotes or on the TEDx stage.

Rachel’s been on both sides of business – sales and operations. She’s built multi-million dollar sales teams for organizations that want to grow profits and boost happiness and trained operations teams that want to influence their sales teams to work better together.

With Fortune 500 clients such as The Ritz Carlton, WAL-MART, National Associations, Freddie Mac, Berkshire Hathaway, and more, Rachel’s known for delivering high-impact education and motivation to audiences from Spain to Seattle.

A partner of The James Beard Foundation and Director of Global Award for the Association for Women in Events, Rachel Sheerin motivates and educates high-performers so they can level up their success, increase their impact, and live a life they love.

With her book launching in 2022, Rachel’s continued research and motivational content around burnout, happiness and success can be heard on her weekly podcast and newsletters.

You can learn more about Rachel at www.RachelSheerin.com or follow her cute dog, speaker adventures and more on Instagram at www.instagram.com/rachel.sheerin.

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